A world-class karting track

Bahrain International Karting Circuit (BIKC) is a state-of-the-art, world-class facility that caters to the grassroots level of motorsport. It is a special place. It is where tomorrow’s champions get their first taste of pure racing joy.

BIKC was designed to the highest international standards. It is capable of hosting world championships under the Commission Internationale de Karting-Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (CIK-FIA).

A taste of pure racing joy
A taste of pure racing joy

BIKC first made motorsport history in 2012, when it became the first karting track worldwide to host a world championship-level event.

The CIK Track is 1.414 kilometres in distance and it features 14 turns. It is set to be the venue for many upcoming international karting races, one of which is the CIK-FIA Under-18 World Championship and Academy Trophy, which will be taking place in Bahrain for the first time ever in 2012.

BIKC offers a wide range of experiences for the avid karter, including a Formula One-inspired Mini Grand Prix. It can also accommodate night racing, as the facility boasts a series of flood lights of 150 lux located all over the track.

Key Facts

  • Opened in March 2011
  • Region’s fastest growing karting track
  • Hosts 9 Rounds of National Sprint Races Championship per season
  • First CIK-FIA Homologated track for night racing
  • First track to host CIK-FIA world finals in the middle east
  • First track ever to host CIK-FIA world championship at night
  • Live timing during races