This endurance race is a relay style event with a minimum 10 teams of 2 drivers each and maximum of 20 teams comprising 6 drivers each. Each team will be allocated one kart for the duration of the event.

All team members will take part in the free practice session before choosing their star driver to qualify the team in the best position for the start of the race. Each team member will share the driving respon- sibilities equally in order to complete the maximum number of laps during the race. Lap timing and race result will be measured using an 1 style timing system and displayed on LCD screens throughout the facilities allowing the teams to follow their progress during the race.

Timing of the event

  • 30 min - 60 min drivers registration, changing and briefing
  • 20 min - 90 min free practice (depending on the number of drivers per team)
  • 10 min - 15 min break
  • 10 min - 15 min qualifying session (team chooses their fastest driver to qualify)
  • 10 min - 15 min break
  • 20 min - 90 min endurance (depending on the number of drivers per team)

Total duration of this event is between 2h 30min and 5h 30min depending on the number of teams and drivers per team.

This package includes:

  • Marshals
  • Mechanics
  • Track Timing
  • Helmets, race suits and gloves
  • Balaclavas
  • Exclusivity of the circuit for the duration of the event
  • Site branding opportunity

Options including catering are available and should be booked in advance.


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