Radical SR1

It doesn’t get more real than this!

This is where things get ramped-up. Now that you’ve had a taste of what it feels like to be on the track, the Radical SR1 is your next step after finishing the Clio Cup experience. So buckle up because this time only you can be in the driving seat, ready to put pedal to the metal for what can best be described as an overdose of velocity, adrenaline, and pure excitement all rolled into one beast of a machine.

The Radical SR1 concept is unique and provides ample perspective on the unparalleled thrill of driving for amateurs and racing enthusiasts alike. Being a driver experience only, the speed-driven exhilaration of being on the track in a sports car is out of this world; it is not only a test of skill, but also a mental challenge between you, and the curve-balls ahead.

Start off with a briefing on safety, and then suit up and enjoy the thrill of raw speed as you go on a lead-follow experience with a professional instructor around our world-class track.

Up to the next level.
Up to the next level.

Your Driving Experience in details

  • Welcome and registration
  • Briefing time: 20 minutes
  • Driving time & number of laps: 2x lead follow session (5 laps per session)
  • Average duration of the experience: 2 hours 45 min

Driver Requirements

  • Age (minimum age required): 18 years old or 15 years old for those with a race license
  • Height: 152-190cm
  • Maximum weight: 118KG
  • Licence required: Valid Driving Licence or Approved Race License

Car Specifications

  • Engine size: 185bhp
  • 0-100KMH: 3.6 sec
  • Top Speed: 138mph
  • Transmission: Six-speed sequential
  • Engine performance: 185bhp - 130ft/lb 9,500-rpm

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