Race fans attending the Formula 1 2018 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix will have more ways than one to get their hearts racing with excitement at BIC, “The Home of Motorsport in the Middle East”.

Not only will there be top-class racing action to get the adrenaline pumping this Friday to Sunday in Sakhir, but BIC has also lined up a handful of extreme thrill-rides at the Formula 1 Village vending area throughout the weekend.

These rides include a Sky Coaster, a Reverse Bungee and a SCAD Freefall. It must be cautioned that these are supremely intense experiences that are not for the faint-hearted.

Sky Coaster

The Sky Coaster is one of the most exhilarating rides anyone will ever dare to tackle. It is the thrill of skydiving, hang-gliding and bungee-jumping all rolled into one.

Fans will be bundled into a harness with a friend or two, staring straight down to the ground as they are hoisted up by a slim cable. They will be dangled nearly 18 stories high in the air, where there is no turning back and the only way to get down is by pulling the cord.

In a split second, the riders are released and they plummet back towards the earth in a state of total free-fall, hurling toward the ground as fast as 80kph.

As soon as the steel cable catches the fall, the momentum of the drop will swing the riders powerfully forward and get them completely airborne, soaring through the sky as the ripcord swings them above the area. The Sky Coaster is indeed an ultimate thrill-ride.

Reverse Bungee

The Reverse Bungee will see riders soar into the desert skies with a thrilling surge of pure adrenaline. Also referred to as the “Sling Shot”, “Bungee Ball” or “Bungee Rocket”, the Reverse Bungee is a truly breath-taking experience where two brave riders are catapulted high up into the air at totally ludicrous speeds, spinning and bouncing as they go!

Finally, the Suspended Catch Air Device (SCAD) Free-fall is a unique and exhilarating thrill-ride. It is the only system in the world that allows the rider to drop unattached in a controlled free-fall.

The rider gets to the release point at 50 metres high by using a winch via cage to the top. The SCAD jump-master then activates a descend system and releases the diver after a countdown. The very long free-fall is completely without attachments.

The diver will drop into the SCAD, and the air tubes and brake suspension around the double SCAD net stop the fall softly and the diver feels no impact at all. This free-fall experience is therefore very intense and exciting.

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