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In its inaugural year, Race Fever will bring exciting events in the run up to the Bahrain GP weekend. Race Fever will begin on March 20 and will feature four main events.

Race Fever will start with a tour around the island showcasing three branded Jaguar cars and their promotional teams, all designed to give the public a feel of Grand Prix excitement less than a month before the race.

Next on the Race Fever cards will be a fantastic raffle draw, to be held on March 27. All those with tickets to the Bahrain Grand Prix will be automatically entered into the raffle for a chance to win a brand new 2015 Jaguar F-Type. The winner will be selected electronically.

Those who purchased their tickets during the Early Bird Promotion period will have twice the chance to win, per ticket. Those who purchased their tickets after and up until the raffle date will have only a single chance, per ticket.

On April 2, the third Race Fever event will be held with the Red Bull X Fighter Jam. This is an extreme motorbike show that will be a first in Bahrain, and it will be taking place at Amwaj Islands. That will then pave the way for the back-to-back live concerts the following week.

The tour will end on a pair of spectacular live performances from British pop band The Vamps and talented Swedish DJ Otto Knows. Both concerts will be held on April 11.

Only those with tickets to the Bahrain Grand Prix will be able to attend the Red Bull X Fighter Jam and both concerts of The Vamps and Otto Knows.

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