Dragster Experience


Climb into one of the most powerful drag racing machines in the world and experience the thrill of a Big Block engine of 10,500cc roaring down the strip at 274kph. One of the most exhilarating activities at BIC, the Dragster Experience offers a thrill of a lifetime and is even more fun when you bring a friend along! With qualified instructors present at all times, the Dragster Experience will transform the way you view motorsport!

Price List

Price inclusive of VAT
Passenger Rides per person 42.000 BHD
Video 12.500 BHD

Safety Instructions:

You will be provided a user-friendly and simple briefing followed by the driving experience on the strip with a professional, and provided with appropriate racing gear. Once it is your turn, step into the cockpit and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime!

Age Restrictions:

Minimum age for participating in our Passenger Experience is 16 years old.

Your Ride: 

Visit the BIC sales stall located next to the entrance of the Drag Racing Strip.

  • After booking your slot, you will be directed towards the Oasis Garages where you will need to suit up in appropriate racing gear (provided by BIC).
  • Once your turn is called, step into the cockpit and buckle up.
  • Your qualified BIC instructors will give you any last minute tips.
  • Sit back and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime.
  • It’s as simple as: Book. Sit. Enjoy.


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