Radical SR1 Experience


Velocity. Adrenaline. Pure excitement. The Radical SR1 is ideal for amateurs and racers alike as the 185bhp engine roars and sets the mood for a thrilling like no other. A progression from the Clio Cup Experience (you need to complete a Clio Cup Drive in order to participate here), the Radical SR 1 Experience lets you feel the speed on the track, getting a taste of the fast-paced life behind the wheel. The Radical SR1 Experience is pure excitement and spectacular automotive mastery rolled into one beast of a machine.

Safety Instructions:

You will be provided a user-friendly and simple briefing followed by the driving experience on the track with a professional in a lead-follow manner.

Your driving experience in detail:

  • Welcome and registration
  • Briefing time: 20 minutes
  • Driving time & number of laps: 2x lead follow session (5 laps per session)
  • Average duration of the experience: 2 hours 45 min

Driver Requirements:

  • Age (minimum age required): 18 years old or 15 years old for those with a race license
  • Height: 152-190cm
  • Maximum weight: 118KG
  • Licence required: Valid Driving Licence or Approved Race License

Car Specifications:

  • Engine: RPE 1340cc Suzuki engine
  • 0-100KMH: 3.6 sec
  • Top Speed: 138mph
  • Transmission: Six-speed sequential
  • Engine performance: 185bhp – 130ft/lb 9,500-rpm

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